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Dan Ferrer was born 80's in Hortaleza, a neighborhood of Madrid, Spain.

When he was a kid, graffiti, skateboarding and comics filled their days. Because of these influences now he run his own creative studio (collaborating with international advertising agencies and brands) and development his personal work, both in the street and the studio, on large format murals and canvases. His art has been seen in cities like New York, Rome, Milan, London, Frankfurt, Budapest, Madrid, Biarritz (France) or Durango (Mexico), among others.


About his style: “Currently I develop a style with which I seek the visual balance between realistic and studied resources, mixed with others improvised. As for the content of the works, I’m thinking a lot until I find an idea that really motivates me. With each work I want to express a powerful message, but that any person can feel as his, because they are feelings common in all people. I like to work with allegories, propose symbols, like fear, love, time, justice, and endow them with a graphic representation”.


He likes to think of his style as “Allegorical Jazz”: “I relate these words in this way, “Allegorical” by the symbols I represent in images, and “Jazz” referring to a very technical style that can have much of improvised”.

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